The Company


Exoteluria is an energy service company located in the Technology Park Building of Asturias (CEEI), which sells energy; electrical or thermal kWh consumed, refrigerators kW, kW and assessments calorific consumption and energy saving potential.

Equipment installation and other machinery in an industrial firms, helping to build clean energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency by decreasing CO2 emissions reductions.

Exoteluria operate the equipment installed that will contribute to saving OIL, GAS, ELECTRICITY, WATER and WASTE.

Our mission and values

  • Respect for the planet Earth.
  • Lower «exergetic» global consumption.
  • Self-financing of projects with the value derived from its natural resources savings.
  • Establishment of fair trade relations and long term sustainability, maintaining and delivering on our code of ethics and conduct.
  • It is imperative that our business is always innovating and current on the latest technologies, so that we can take full advantage.

Why this name?

EXERGY is a thermodynamic quantity that indicates the maximum theoretical work that can be achieved by the spontaneous interaction between a system and its environment. Reports the system's potential usefulness as a source of labor. Exergy quantitatively determined thermodynamic value of any resource, and to analyze rigorously the waste of resources on activities.

TELLURIC is the proper term to refer to things related to the planet Earth.

EXOTELURIA is the activity and discipline in the field of energy facilities that seeks to ensure respect for our planet, the lowest overall exergy consumption, self-financing of projects with the value derived from its natural resources and savings in the establishment of fair trade relations and long-term sustainable.

Energy Service Company (ESC)

In the manufacture of any product or service, you need to consume a lot of energy, so our company Exoteluria born for Food and Beverage Industry, being an Energy Service Company (ESCO) which provide energy services in the facilities of a given user, while the payment for services based on obtaining energy savings. These savings will be achieved through the development of energy efficiency improvements or facilities using renewable energy sources.

The scope of these companies is very large, since they can cover all possible energy services, with the sole aim of improving the efficiency of energy and reduce energy costs of a facility. ESCOs may well design, finance, install, implement and monitor a particular project, assuming all or part of the technical and financial risk of the project.


In terms of innovation and new technologies, we inform you that Exoteluria runs a singular method or ECPAE energy audits, which are making arrangements for us to be recognized and confirmed by various prestigious organizations in the field of auditing.

Delivering on measurements with European standards EN 14511-1 and measurement protocol international measurement and verification as IPMVP.

Implementation of ideal environment treatment solutions, with the potential to drastically reduce CO2 emissions globally.

Business Model


Commercial visit and presentation ECPAE valuation, which has no cost to reach a power contract.


Evaluation is performed, to know the actual global demand and distribution of the plant.

Energy contract negotiation

Time to negotiate Energy contract, and reach an agreement on the energy rate in any of its forms.


Exoteluria makes the investment and implement the most appropriate and technologically advanced.

Energy Management

The company sells the energy that the user requires, by the time within the contract assuming interventions, technological improvements that are necessary to maintain an active management of energy use. Including a constant check and online measurements.

The CEEI of Asturias

Edificio CEEI

The European Business and Innovation Center of the Principality of Asturias (Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación del Principado de Asturias) was born in response to the need in our region of an entity that would support the promotion of innovative and future direction.

The CEEI of Asturias takes this mission and, from the commitment to quality and support for entrepreneurs, provides a range of information services, training, counseling, housing and financing to accompany the entrepeneurs at the launch of business initiatives with more guarantees of success.


Company Structure


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