What is Exoteluria?

Activity and discipline in the field of energy facilities that seeks to ensure respect for our planet, the lowest overall exergy consumption, self-financing of projects with the value derived from their savings in natural resources and the establishment of fair trade relations and sustainable long term.

Saving Calculator

Energy saving calculator allows quickly and easily the saving of money and CO2 emissions that some actions such as turning off unused devices, using energy saving light bulbs or activate the energy saving mode in the computer, among other measures.
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Business Model

1) Commercial tour and presentation of the evaluation of ECPAE.
2) ECPAE. An evaluation is performed to find the real demand and plant distribution globally.
3) Energy contract negotiation.
4) Implementation. Exoteluria makes the investment and implements the most appropriate and technologically advanced solution.
5) Energy management.

Food & Beverage

The foot and drink industry presents challenges that involve the creation of energy efficient installations and designed with the highest concern for food safety.

Exoteluria tries to find engineering and construction solutions to meet the needs of its clients in this sector.

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Who we are

EXOTELURIA is an energy services company that sells electrical or thermal energy, kWh consumed, kW refrigerators, calorific kW and evaluates consumption and energy saving potential.

What we do

Installation of equipment and other machinery in industrial companies, helping to build clean energy, renewable and energy efficiency decreasing CO2 emissions reduction.

Our mission & values

  • Respect for planet Earth.
  • The lowest global exergy consumption.
  • Self-financing project with the value derived from its natural resources savings.
  • Establishment of fair trade and sustainable relations in long term. Maintaining and fulfilling our code of ethics and conduct.
  • It is essential that our business is always innovating and up to date in the latest technologies, so that we can take full advantage.

Ahorro de clientes de Exoteluria


And avoid the emission of 27,456 tons of CO2 equivalent to:

CO2 absorption of 2,287,920 trees

3,639 tep

average consumption of 12,132 households

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